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Residential and Commercial Complexes

With growth in the Indian economy, the disposable income of a middle class Indian is on the rise, and in turn the average Indian is starting to spend more to acquire modern day comforts and improve his quality of life.

Metropolitan cities as well as smaller towns and regional business centers are seeing a surge in the demand for international standard housing communities. Innumerable colonies have sprung up in almost no time. With housing loans coming by more easily and at much more affordable rates, these developments have found ready buyers.

Simultaneously, shopping malls and commercial real estate (office buildings) have seen unprecedented growth. International brands are now trying to make inroads in the Indian market hoping to capture the second largest population base in the world. The Indian landscape is constantly changing with suburbs of metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata (Calcutta), Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai developing at rapid speeds. Improving highway infrastructure is also enabling the development of suburbs and is reducing the travel time considerably.
Kaushalya Parivar was established to cater to the residential and commercial needs of the Indian middle class. Our business strategy is two pronged. Based on our strong public sector customer base we are working on participating in various government sponsored development projects. Simultaneously our team of engineers and marketing professional are piloting community housing developments as private sector undertakings in various parts of the country.

“Warm abodes that bring families together”

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