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   Electrification and Irrigation

A large part of rural India still lacks access to proper power supply and adequate irrigation infrastructure. This sector requires tremendous investments to support agriculture and sustain the rural population.
Power Grid Corporation of India under the Ministry of Power as well as individual state electricity boards have been tasked with strengthening the transmission network of the country. Based on recent estimates, an additional 60,000 km of transmission network worth about Rs. 71,000 crores will have to be established by 2011-2012. The Inter-regional transfer capacity will also have to be boosted from the current 9,000 MW to 30,000 MW by 2012
Simultaneously, the irrigation infrastructure of the country is seeing tremendous revision.
Development of new canals, management and maintenance of waterways,as well as setting up of regional water reservoirs are getting a lot of focus from the central and state governments in an effort to bolster the vast agriculture industry.

Kaushalya Gram was conceptualized to position ourselves appropriately in this growth sector. Our current efforts are centered on projects involving establishment, relocation and strengthening of high tension wire lines and electrical sub stations. Simultaneously we are exploring various irrigation projects particularly related to canal development and management of waterways including de-silting and drazing.

“Till there is light in every home and water in every farm”

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