Roads, Bridges, Industrial Infrastructure:

With the influx of foreign capital and rising competition in the country, India is undergoing extreme metamorphosis and has embarked on a path of rapid development. To sustain this growth severalinfrastructural improvements are imperative and this sector has now come to limelight.

The government has taken various measures to bolster core infrastructure services and has been investing heavily in industries like transportation, telecommunications, hydro/thermal power generation and alternative energy source development.

The national transportation infrastructure in particular has seen radical changes with strong government support for both government sponsored projects as well as BOT (Build/Operate/Transfer) schemes. At the state level, tremendous focus has been given to strengthen and widen state highway networks. The central government is working in tandem on projects like the Golden Quadrilateral or North-South and East-West Corridor projects aimed at connecting major cities in the country with state of the art highway networks.

Simultaneously, to support the growing business needs, investment in large scale infrastructure projects is on the rise. The National Hydel Power Corporation (NHPC), National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) under the Ministry of Power are investing heavily in development of new hydro and thermal power stations. Port Authority of India is undertaking development of medium to large scale ports along the Indian coastline.

With this niche sector in purview, Kaushalya Nirman was established with expertise in developing roads, bridges as well as civil construction of large scale industrial infrastructure projects. Our dedicated team of engineers work closely with various government departments and public sector undertakings to manage systematic execution of government sponsored projects.

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